Outcome 3rd Global Conference of the Sustainable Food Systems Programme

Take away messages from Jostein Hertwig from the Conference: First of all my congratulations to the organizers of the conference and I really recommend all of you to read the Outcome Document. For me I will highlight the focus on public procurement and school meals. Investing in sustainable school meals we may see positive effects on factors like: Public Health, Environment, Climate, Resilience and Culture. If we also include the concept of local food “ Homegrown School Meals” this will support local economy. In this way school meals may support the fulfillment of all 17 UN SDGs and I take the liberty to quote Peter Defranceschi from his presentation during the conference:

“ Let’s roll it out. A call for a coordinated global framework for action to ensure sustainable and healthy school meals in every school around the world –  leaving no child behind” (Peter Defranceschi)

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