Surviving Covid-19: The Neglected Remedy

Please click here to read the whole book.

Authors: Prof. Cecilia Onyango, Peter Gubbels, John Wilson and Peter Mokaya, with acknowledgement to the Alliance for Food Sovereignty in Africa(AFSA): the Citizens Agroecology Working Group(CAEWG)

Short summary: This book, done under the Barefoot Collective, arose out of a need to provide an easy to understand book to remind a broad range of stakeholders on the role of nutrition, especially safe, diverse and nutritious nutrition in strengthening the immune system and thereby reducing the vulnerability to COVID-19, in the short term, and non-communicable diseases (and other diseases) in the long term. It is not just a book on the role of nutrition for healthy outcomes but rather the role of holistic, toxic agrochemicals free, diverse and local African foods, grown agroecologically, with love and care for the people who grow the food and the soil on which the food grows for their health and wealth in harmony with nature.  It is a book to inspire hope there to let people know that, there is something within our reach and control,  that we can do to mitigate COVID-19 rather than just sit and helplessly wait for a vaccine. That safe, diverse and wholesome local indigenous foods can support the immune system and increase the body’s defence against COVID-19: That safe and healthy food are the “vaccines” that ensure up to 90% of those who get infected remain asymptomatic or only mildly COVID-19 disease and recover. That safe, diverse and locally available food is the neglected remedy for COVID-19, especially in Africa. “Wear your inner mask before you wear the outer mask”

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