The OFSP was developed with a bottom-up approach by various acknowledged experts around the world. In order to work effectively, the OFSP is structured as follows:


Any person from an institution engaged in OFSP projects or committee or its coordination (formally linked via the coordinators). A Partner may contribute via participation in OFSP meetings, leading tasks within projects or by sharing results and information from other (non-OFSP) projects. A formal agreement among the partners will be signed. More Partners may join by signing the Partner Agreement.

Our partners

Steering committee

Active Partners form the Steering Committee which will ensure the overall development of the OFSP including meetings of Partners, evaluation of project proposals, the contribution of all activities to achieving the goals of the OFSP with a special focus on communication with the target groups. The Steering Committee consists of the responsible Partners for each identified work area as well as the coordinators. Steering committee members represent the OFSP in their interaction with other groups, networks and programmes.

Our steering committee


Three coordinators will undertake the various coordination tasks.

Our coordination

Advisory board members

The aim of the Advisory Board is to improve interactions and synergies between all individual actions and projects and to advise the Steering Committee. The board is composed of members with competence in science, stakeholder engagement and policy development. The Advisory Board should not have more than 15 members. The members are nominated by the partners and formally linked via the Chair of the Advisory Board. Those representing the various stakeholder perspectives on the Advisory Board can be members of the Steering Committee.

Our advisory board

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