OFSP expert round in Kassel

Expert round in Kassel University “Organic Food Systems with focus on Asia”

4 and 5 October 2018

The team from Kassel University gave an introduction on the hypothesis related to case studies and in particular related to drivers, actors and relations and outcomes. Following the introduction from Kassel the experts gave their comments that also opened up for a fruitful interaction. Reports were given from China, Philippines, Korea and India. We also discussed potential case studies from Asia.

Expert round (left to right): Jostein Hertwig (Norway), David Gould (US), Dr. Zeijang Zhou (China), Sundeep Kamath (India), Dr. Vic Tagupa (Philippines), Sebastian Kretschmer (Kassel), Jennifer Chang (Korea), Prof. Dr. Johannes Kahl (Kassel), Tooba Jamil (Kassel), Lilliana Stefanovic (Kassel) and Rakhee Rachel (Kassel)