IUNS – 21st International Congress of Nutrition

15-20th October 2017, Buenos Aires/ Argentina

OFSP partners Carola Strassner, Susanne Bügel, Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot, Johannes Kahl and Pieter Dagnelie gave a scientific symposium on “Healthy consumption patterns and sustainable production: Exploring the links between agriculture, diet and lifestyle using organic as an example“.

Pieter Dagnelie: Chair

Johannes Kahl: The organic food system as a model links agriculture, diet and lifestyle – presenting the case

Susanne Bügel: Public procurement as a means to link sustainable production with diet and lifestyle – the New Nordic Diet way

Emmanuelle Kesse-Guyot: Sustainibility in dietary patterns accounting for farming practices: findings from the Bionutrinet project

Carola Strassner: Linking a food system with public health nutrition: What do we learn from organic?

OFSP Partner Leonie Fink gave a seperate oral presentation with the topic “Breaking fresh ground on adopting sustainable diets – Assessment of using consumer participation to develop tools for bridging the intention-behaviour gap”. This is one part of her dissertation project supervised by OFSP partners Angelika Ploeger and Carola Strassner.