Global Alliance for Organic Districts (GAOD)

We are supporters of the “Global Alliance for Organic Districts”! This network of networks from Asia, Europe and Regenerations International invites to the creation of this Alliance. The main objectives are to share knowledge and practical examples and to invite other local governments of the world into the network. On the 6th February 2020 the Memorandum of Understanding was signed at the Italian Ministry of Agriculture in Rome. This led to the creation of the Global Alliance for the Organic Districts. It is also planned to invite other local governments of the world (Africa, Americas, and countries in Oceania and the PICT (Pacific Islander Countries and Territories) into the cooperation network to form an example of a dynamic global organic food system.

The role of OFSP at this juncture is to facilitate and coordinate the process, share our views on food system transformation and food quality and health. Jostein Hertwig one of our OFSP coordinators became also a leading part of the GAOD coordination team. So, there will be closer cooperation on certain points. The Alliance activities started with the definition of the actions needed for the transformation to a truly sustainable future.

So far there have been five international GoTo meetings, with professional content from different participants and the further steps are becoming more concrete. Six working groups have been identified. They are open to contributions from all interested parties.

Work Group 1 – Activity: Organic Districts Integrated Management with Planning, Governance, Policies and Inclusion of other local governments, like-minded groups, civil society organizations and individuals to our alliance

Work Group 2 – Activity: Tourism and Gastronomy

Work Group 3 – Activity: Farming and natural resources management and animal welfare such as Regenerative, Organic, Agroecology etc.

Work Group 4 – Activity: Food and energy, Processing, Distribution and International Trade

Work Group 5 – Activity: Food consumption, Food and nutrition security, Food quality and Health

Work Group 6 – Activity: Social issues, Social agriculture communities enforcements, Urban- Rural relations

Members of the Alliance:



Contact details:

Further information can be found in our latest Newsletter page 3-4.

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