Upcoming Virtual Event: 4th Global Conference of the SFS Programme

Join our side event “Transforming territories: The approach of Organic Districts as living laboratories for inclusive sustainable food system”!

We share with you how Organic Districts transforms food systems locally and realise the economic and sociocultural potential of its communities, based on organic principles and practices. An inclusive and holistic mindset followed up by concrete actions is what we need- NOW!

As part of the 4th Global Conference of the SFSP, this virtual side event invites you to take part in evidence from the four corners of policy, science, training, practice and snapshots from diverse Organic Districts in the Philippines, Tunisia, Argentina, Portugal, Mediterranean and Nordic countries.

Invited speakers:

  • Eric Gall, IFOAM EU
  • Denis Lairon, INSERM
  • Carola Strassner, FQH
  • Patricia Flores, IFOAM OI Academy
  • Salvatore Basile, International Network of Eco Regions (IN.N.E.R.)
  • Jostein Hertwig, BERAS International
  • Edmundo Soffritti, Global Alliance for Organic Districts (GAOD)
  • Aina Rogers, SEAE
  • Armindo Jacinto, Mayor of Idanha a Nova, Portugal
  • Juan Pablo Sciurano, Sustainable development consultant, Argentina
  • Samia Maamer, Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture
  • Victor Tagupa, LOAMCP of the Philippines
  • Lilliana Stefanovic, OFSP


  • David Gould, OFSP Steering Committee
  • Shaikh Tanveer Hossain, IFOAM Asia

Register to Join Us

Seats are limited, so be sure to sign up soon to reserve your spot now!

7 thoughts on “Upcoming Virtual Event: 4th Global Conference of the SFS Programme

  1. Darko Znaor says:

    Dear colleagues,
    Great initiative – will be glad to join. I was wondering if there would be a chance for me to present the “Bioregion Seal” – our brand new and unique Bioregions certification scheme.
    Kind regards,
    Dr Darko Znaor
    Avalon Foundation, the Netherlands


  2. Lola Vicente-Almazán says:

    Good afternoon. I won’t be able to attend the event in streaming, but I am very interested in receiving the recording to watch it later. Thank you very much.


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