OFSP workshop at Biofach

16th February 2017, Nuremberg/ Germany

With moderation of Prof. Ewa Rembialkowska, experts from the OFSP presented and discussed several topics “Towards a sustainable organic food system. Transformation processes from organic agriculture to sustainable lifestyles”. Prof. Johannes Kahl from University of Copenhagen/Denmark introduced organic food systems as models for sustainable food systems and linked organic food as part of dietary concepts taking the New Nordic Diet as example. Prof. Carola Strassner, from MUAS/Germany focused on the role of organic food in public services as one of the important entry points to sustainable organic food systems. In Germany and some other EU countries organic food is a growing part of public procurement, especially in the school canteens. Jostein Hertwig, Beras Int./Norway reported from a case study of organic food systems, local food societies and learning centres with the Swedish municipality Södertalje as example. Dr. Katrin Zander, Thünen-Institut/Germany gave an overview on the role of consumers in organic food systems as a major element to take into account, when transforming food systems towards enhanced sustainability. She underlined the importance of the coherent food chains, connecting the environmentally aware consumers with the organic/sustainable producers and traders. Susanne Braun, University of Hohenheim/Germany brought organic together with regional and traditional foods as complementing or part of the organic sector.