Our steering committee ensures the overall development of the programme including facilitating partner meetings, evaluating project proposals and ensuring that the contribution of all activities meet the goals of the programme with a special focus on communication with the target groups. The steering committee consists of those partners responsible for each identified work area as well as the programme coordinators. Steering committee members represent the programme in their contact with other groups, networks and programmes. Members of our Steering Committee are:

Susanne Bügel from Copenhagen University/Denmark

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David Gould from FoodChain ID/USA

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Jostein Hertwig from Beras/Sweden

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Johannes Kahl from Copenhagen University/Denmark

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Denis Lairon from NORT laboratory University/France

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Flavio Paoletti from CREA/Italy

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Ewa Rembialkowska from WULS/Poland

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Carola Strassner from MUAS/Germany

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