WULS/ Poland

Prof. Ewa Rembiałkowska is a head of a Department of Functional and Organic Food and Commodities in Warsaw University of Life Sciences where she has worked since 1985. Before this Ewa completed a degree in biology in Warsaw University, then moving on to specialize in ecology at the Institute of Ecology Polish Academy of Science. Ewa has completed a PhD at the same Institute, next moved to Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Received a professorship in agricultural sciences in 2012. Deals professionally with organic food & farming for many years. Her main scientific achievements are connected with the evaluation of the organic food quality and impact on animal and human health. Ewa together with her team has published many papers showing that organically produced crops had better taste and contained significantly more bio compounds than the conventional ones. Ewa’s team has also proved that organic beetroot juice had stronger anti-proliferative impact on the cancer cells than the conventional one. Finally, Ewa’s team has found that organically fed rats had different physiological indicators and stronger immune system that the conventionally fed animals.

Ewa is a vice-chairman of the scientific Association Food Quality and Health (FQH) and a board member of ISOFAR (The International Society of Organic Agriculture Research).