FoodChain ID/ USA

David Gould is Global Head of Sustainability Programs for FoodChain ID. He is a food scientist by training and has a strong background in alternative education models. He has been involved in the food and agriculture sector for the past 25 years, including time as owner of a small food processing business and a permaculture farm. He has worked at virtually every job position in the organic guarantee system, including having inspected and/or certified thousands of farms and processing facilities on 6 continents, and contributed to the formation of numerous standards and policies including organic, non-GMO, and fairtrade programs, as well as to the fisheries and non-food agriculture-based sectors. He has trained and consulted globally to the private sector and government agencies on sustainable development, quality assurance, policy reform, and stakeholder engagement. He recently completed a 7-year stint as Senior Facilitator for IFOAM – Organics International, where he was instrumental in elaborating best practices in agriculture, its value chains, and the forward trajectory of the organic movement.