MUAS/ Germany

Carola Strassner is a Life Sciences graduate of the University of Cape Town (Biochemistry, Microbiology), with an M.Sc in Food Science from the University of Durban/Kwazulu-Natal and an MBA from Henley Management

College (today: University of Reading, UK). She got her Ph.D. in Nutritional Sciences and Home Economics from the Justus-Liebig University in Germany. Carola gathered industry experience as Head of R&D at a medium-sized German health enterprise and as an entrepreneur in the field of food market consulting. Today Carola Strassner is Professor of Sustainable Food Systems and Nutrition Ecology at Münster University of Applied Sciences where she specialises in food systems sustainability: a whole systems approach to sustainability in the sphere of food and nutrition; especially the out-of-home (horeca) context and alternative food networks. Dr. Strassner works specifically with the subsystems institutional catering, school meals, and the organic food system. She initiated and managed an international network ‘Organic Out Of Home’ for ten years and is board member of FQH. Carola is managing partner of the business company a’verdis – Sustainable FoodService Solutions.